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Coaching &
Consulting Services




Coaching harnesses your strength as the client and helps you achieve your professional goals. In short,

coaching can benefit you by:

  • increasing your self-understanding,

  • uncovering new strategies, and

  • encouraging you to move forward with clarity and action.


As a client, you will identify your professional growth goals and with my support, we will co-create an approach to develop practices, insights, and techniques to help you achieve those goals. My coaching style depends on your needs but will always include powerful questions that encourage you to reflect and deepen your own understanding of how you lead and manage. We will examine barriers and you will develop approaches to manage or remove those obstacles. Given my own experience as a nonprofit leader, I will support you when appropriate with suggestions, options, resources, and a dash of humor!


Coaching Helps You:

  • Gain new perspectives

  • Gain confidence and self-awareness

  • Become a better leader.




My consulting practice focuses on supporting nonprofit boards and leaders with culture change, effective leadership strategies, and strategic planning.​

Core Principles: The Bedrock of Every Engagement

  • Developing a trusted partnership 

  • Building leadership in service to the organization’s core purpose

  • Prioritizing equity as a guiding value


Working with Ronna is like a master class in how to run a nonprofit.

~ Jason McGill  |  Founder, Justice Associates

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